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Autor: <strong>Jane Austen</strong>
Año edición: <strong>2023</strong>
Editorial: <strong>Del Fondo</strong>
ISBN: <strong>9789878304243</strong>
Páginas: <strong>278</strong>
Dimensión: <strong> 14 × 21 cm </strong>
Tapa: <strong>Blanda</strong>

<strong>Persuasion is Austen’s last novel, published in 1818 after her death.</strong>

This is the story of a sensitive, patient, and despised elderly woman who, after rejecting the love of her life, is persuaded by others’ advice, and sees how he reappears in her life as a wealthy, honorable, yet spiteful, man. 

Now she is forced to fight for a second chance for the first time in her life.

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